Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We've been busy enjoying our last month(s) here in Korea, and since we are leaving in less than a week now, at this point we are packing in all of our last "Korea" experiences before we go. We have our plane tickets, and are departing Korea at 2pm next Wednesday, March 4th, and arriving in Cedar Rapids, IA at around 10pm. Unfortunately, the direct Busan -> Cedar Rapids flight was all booked, so we are going on three planes: Busan to Tokyo, Tokyo to Chicago, and then Chicago to CR.

Today was our Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony, which was minimal effort on our part, beyond getting up at 8am, but was clearly fun for all our 7-year-old students and their families. We did have to sing "I Believe I Can Fly" - which was a paedophile joke we couldn't avoid laughing about - but beyond that it was talking to excited kids and standing around looking teacherly.

So our last four days of school are afternoon elementary classes only, which is very easy since we have 4 more days of school and only 14 classes total. If only our whole year had of been so simple!

Will try and post more soon, but wanted to at least get some information up!


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Reannon said...

Awww...congrats on making it through your Korea experience! Were you super sad to say goodbye to your students...and all of your friends?

I just looked at the date and it's Wednesday March 4th, so you should be leaving your apartment for the last time, right about now. It's weird to think that we'll be in the same city in just a few hours...Too bad you don't have a layover! Or that the Airport isn't closer to the city...or that I don't have a day off today...otherwise I'd go see you!

But if you're flight gets delayed for some me! 090 8450 9787. Ha. Just posted my phone number on the internet. Anyways, can't wait to hear all about what going back home is like for you. I hope you continue to post on here!

You must be so super exicted!