Sunday, January 27, 2008

As you've undoubtedly guessed, not all that much happens to us on a daily basis, the days of elephant-riding, temple-tours, and general craziness, are, for the time-being, past. School has been grinding along, Liz in particular cannot wait for winter intensives to be over - something about a split shift is quite tiring...
Tomorrow we have to give writing tests for all of our classes, which isn't really all that hard, so we'll be going to school a bit earlier to get those taken care of, which really means the day just flies by. Anderson's been sick the last week, so that's been fun, and no soccer game this week was quite the nice coincidence. The soccer league finally actually started last weekend, with his team winning by a nice 6-0 margin over "the new team" that just joined. DJing is also still going well, although this last week was a bit slow.
Weather is still generally cold, but we've gone bowling the last two weekends which was pretty fun, and our coworker Rachel's birthday party was yesterday, which meant we had a nice Turkish dinner before some bar-hopping and dancing into the wee hours.

That's about it, although perhaps most importantly:
we are very excited for Luke to be coming, 9 days and counting!


Monday, January 07, 2008

Liz's sushi birthday party was indeed spectacular, we got party platters of prawns, plus salmon and eel sashimi (covered in gold flakes), since we'd called ahead with a reservation! All the food at Green Mong was delicious, and those that joined us (Rachel - our co-teacher, Brian - another American teacher who lives in our 'hood, Esther - one of Korean co-teachers, Minji - one of our secretaries who is an English Lit student in Seoul on winter vacation, plus Jay and Joey - 2 Philosophy students at Pusan University that we met out at The Basement where Anderson DJs) all had a great time. Minji brought a tasty cheesecake/poundcake from her Black Uncle, and Liz also got some nice fashion accessories from Rachel and Esther.
Rest of the weekend was fun, too, more DJing by Anderson, etc. His knee is still hurting, so no soccer, but the healing process is gradually having some effects. Not that it mattered too much, the game was hardly one, according to a teammates post-match report.
Food's still great, as is the weather, time is flying by, though payday this Thursday will be quite exciting (particularly for Anderson's parents :-).
Luke is coming to visit in a month, which we are quite excited for, since it's been a while since we've seen a familiar face. Lots of friendly faces here, but familiarity is a non-factor.
Our cat-sitting gig is almost up, Kester is back in town but hasn't emailed us yet, so we're enjoying our last few days with Jonesy, the best cat ever. Shame he isn't ours...


Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year's has came and went, laid low preferring to watch TV over getting unnecessarily inebriated, and then our initial ambitions of catching the sunrise were replaced by our comfortable bed. Seeing the sunrise is a popular Korean past time for New Years, but the weather was too cold and windy, and we were by then far too sober, to brave the elements. We did have Domino's pizza, which was tasty and covered in potatoes and bacon.
Same old same old, otherwise, soccer and DJing are going well for Anderson, though he hurt his knee last week so he's taking this weekend off to heal up. He's gotten Ableton Live for his Mac, so he's beginning the lengthy process of making his own remixes and such, in order to switch to laptop DJing from CD-DJing.
At school "winter intensives" are upon us, so there are extra classes during the day, and a 4-hour morning session that some kids are attending. Liz is teaching 2 classes in the morning, so she's earning a little bit of our scanty overtime pay, while Anderson actually has an easier schedule, except on Tuesday and Thursday when he has 8 straight classes with no lunch break. It's only for the month of January though, so it's nothing too bad, although Liz's longer workday isn't exactly her preference.
We went back to Vesta, the Korean sauna (jimjilbang) in Haeundae, which was great, and today we located a nice one two blocks from our house that we'll be visiting in the very near future.
Tomorrow is Liz's birthday (26!), so we're going to go out for an all-you-can-eat sushi buffet, which is not only reasonably priced at 15,000 won, but is supposed to be amazingly tasty, as well. We'll find out soon!

Miss you all very much,