Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Couple things real quick...

Anderson has his first article out on, a recipe for Raja Special, an Indian appetizer.  It's pretty delicious, and goes great with beer.  To learn more - and so you can hopefully make it yourself - please read the article!
Anderson's review of Metallica's latest album, which was once upon a time on the now defunct, is also now available for reading on Metronome.
For the final Anderson plug (for now at least :-), if you'd care to vote for his Funky Reggae Dub Jam mix he'd greatly appreciate it - 50 votes by next week and he qualifies to win some sweet gear...

Otherwise the work week is plodding along busily for both of us, it's currently snowing here, and we just finished watching the latest season of the Amazing Race.

Thanks for reading as always, somehow this is our 199th post - and we'll soon be at 10,000 visitors - so truly, thanks for spending your time with us,


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Time keeps flying by, and though we "aren't that busy" we are clearly quite busy enough!  Of late we've both been working a lot, though we've been doing plenty of fun things in and around Denver as well.  When the weather's been nice we've gotten to do some cycling, and now Liz is actually riding to and from work most days as well.  She has to take a combination of trails and suburban back-ways, but it's a mostly peaceful 4.5 mile ride.  Anderson's been able to check out several of the metro area's disc golf courses, so far Beaver Ranch in Conifer has been the most exciting (whole course is pretty much on a mountaintop), though the local course Expo Park in Aurora isn't too bad at all.

We've also seen several visitors over the past weeks, including Brian (from Iowa), Alan (from Texas) - both of whom joined in on some frigid disc-golfing, and we also got to hang out with Scott's brother Jason and his girlfriend Nicki when they were here.  The boys caught a Rockies game (they lost 12-11), while we all spent a night meandering around the 16th Street Mall in LoDo.  We've visited a few breweries, including The Great Divide & The Wynkoop.  There's one very near our house in Centennial, but we just need to make the time to visit it!

We've become regulars at a local Tuesday trivia night, thanks to Dan's long-time dedication before we arrived, and after weeks of trying hard we finally managed to capture 1st place!  The $25 bar tab, already well-spent, was a most excellent and appreciated prize for all of our brain-bending hard-work.

We'll try and get some photos up on here in the near future, for real, though we tragically missed out on our chance to be with the NesQuick Bunny today when we went to the Cinco De Mayo Festival in Civic Park.  The tacos were as tasty as anticipated, and we got bags full of free samples, so it was a nice afternoon diversion.

Anderson's going to be doing some miscellaneous article writing for some websites coming up in the very near future, more news and some links soon...

Hope all's going well for you as 2010 flies by - we're planning on the Denver life for at least the summer, but obviously more travel isn't too far off!