Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We have added yet another blog to our digital family.
Arguably the most important yet - http://bardiafriend.blogspot.com
Many of you have probably heard about our experiences in and around Bardia National Park in Nepal. Now you can read all about the school we volunteered at, think about volunteering yourself, as well as help the school out financially if you are so inclined :-).

PLEASE share this with your F.R.I.E.N.D.s - that's our clever acronym for Funding Rural Indigenous Education in Nepal Directly!

Thanks so much
Peace & Love as always
Anderson & Liz


joylani said...

hey muths...just catching up on yall's blog. nice to hear how things are going in sk, busy or not, it sound fun. matt and i might be around there sometime in june/july but aren't sure as we're still trying to figure out the end of our itinerary b4 heading home for some weddings this summer and starting part 2. anyways, you still rate. in matt's words, as the coolest couple we've met this trip. so that probably means you guys are the coolest english teachers those kids have ever had. anyways, take care.
joylani (and matt)

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