Sunday, May 27, 2007

All is well, except that Anderson's eye infection is still being problematic. He has gone to the Himalaya Eye Hospital the past two mornings, with some improvement within the last 24 hours. Initially we thought that he had a scratch on his lens, however it has now been determined that both eyes have a viral infection, and the left eye also has an epicenter of infection, in the corner of the cornea. Yesterday it was identified as an unknown "substance," but today, after a decrease in swelling, it has been determined that a foreign substance is not present, thankfully, but rather there is just an intense spot of infection. The problem lies in that Anderson's left eye vision has not improved as significantly as the doctor had hoped, so now we must wait another 48 hours, while continuing to administer 4x daily drops in both eyes, as well as a twice-an-hour antiobiotic drop in the left eye. The Himalaya Eye Hospital, and its doctors have been very helpful, a more thorough post on that experience, along with more trekking details (promise!) will appear soon. In the meantime, we, as in mostly Anderson with Liz suffering silently alongside, will be laying low for the next 48 hours, continuing with the medicinal regiment, waiting for a followup on Wednesday morning (Nepali time). At that point decision-time will come, either the eye will have returned to normal, or if the infection still exists we will most likely have to head back to India, probably to Delhi, for better quality optical treatment. We were planning on returning to India eventually anyway, so this may end up altering our time schedule, but obviously being a permanent cyclops isn't quite as hip as the "Odyssey" might make it out to be...
More exciting posts to come, hopefully happier eyes as well :-)

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jordan said...

bummer about the eye! leave it to anderson to make a joke about the awesomeness (or lack thereof) of cyclopism.

nat, nora, & i just returned from a long weekend in madison. we took our time coming home the scenic way, stopping in new glarus (BEER!) and taking a car ferry across the mighty miss. it was pretty sweet!

hope your eyes feel better soon! we love you guys!